“As soon as I met Karen I knew I could trust her. My husband also feels that way, and there are not very many people who work in the insurance and financial business that he trusts.”
Cheri Corsi

“Our financial planner recommended Karen to us. Karen worked extensively with us, providing everything from general information about long term care insurance to specific product options. She was extremely thorough in presenting information about several different companies and plans. We are very pleased with both the price and features of the policy we purchased and highly recommend Karen to anyone considering purchasing long term care insurance. She is truly a professional in the field!”
Peter and Kathy Teitelman

“Before my husband and I met with you, we talked with other agents. I liked your approach and your sincerity meant a lot. My instincts said to go with your recommended plan and with you.”
Lois J. Ernst

“I recommend Karen wholeheartedly. She is personable and knowledgeable in the professional advice and solutions she offered. Karen is honest, dedicated, and trustworthy and did a great job for me. Long term care insurance can be complicated and Karen was patient and tireless in answering questions. I felt like she always had my best interests in mind.  Karen will guide you through the long term care planning process without any pressure. I feel confident that I have taken care of this with a true professional and have more peace of mind since I worked with Karen.” 
Marlene Feagan

“Karen was very good about explaining things and helpful in answering our questions. She gave us information we didn’t even ask for that we found useful in making our decision. We highly recommend her for anyone who is doing their long term care planning.”

Gary R. and Pamela Van Hart  

“I recommend working with Karen for your long term care insurance. What I liked best was that she was not pushy and gave me time to think about it. She answered my questions with patience. I appreciate her approach.”
Richard J. Perry

“Karen got right to the heart of what I wanted to know without ‘the sales pitch.’ She explained the relevant facts in a succinct and clear way. Overall it was a very positive business experience.”
Mary A. McHale

“I would like to recommend Karen for purchasing long term care insurance. I had checked two different plans before calling Karen. She talked to me and gave me time to compare all plans. She supplied me with other information that helped me decide.

“Believe me, you need a long term care policy as serious illness can hit you anytime and you need to be prepared. I am very glad I purchased my policy when I did and recommend you very strongly consider it and purchase it quickly. You’ll never regret it. Peace of mind is essential and particularly as we age.”
Joyce A. Shafer  

“Karen was most helpful and patient in going over the details of this important decision. We were very impressed and appreciative of her deep knowledge of the issues involved in long term care.”
Tom Callinan 

“This is to recommend Karen Rosenthal. We just bought Long Term Care Insurance with her wonderful help. Karen is courteous, personable, honest, thorough, and determined, but not pushy. Karen supplied us with information to help us make our decision. She represented different insurance companies, and explained in detail the various plans and coverages to us. She tailor made a plan for us that fulfills our needs. Karen is a real professional. She is patient, kind, and helped us both feel satisfied with what was accomplished. We feel that not only is she our insurance agent, she is truly a friend. We highly recommend Karen. You will definitely benefit from listening to what she has to say. She is a problem solver!”
Judy and Tom Eichhorn

“I was impressed with Karen Rosenthal’s knowledge of LTC insurance and her enthusiasm in sharing this information with those who plan for their life’s needs.”
Nada C. Huron

“I highly recommend Karen to help you purchase Long Term Care Insurance. She is very sincere and wants the best for each of her clients. She treated me like a long time friend who had my best interests in mind. She patiently explained everything and answered all my questions. Even though I was a challenge to underwriting she went to bat for me. . . she definitely went the extra mile for me. I especially liked one comment she made – buying LTCI will give you peace of mind. Being a Westsider I don’t like to spend my money foolishly. She reminded me that I pay for car and house insurance each year and never have to use it. That made it stick and I knew this was the best decision for me and my family.”
Marie Schaffer  

“I feel that I am protected for care in the future because of the time that Karen spent with me explaining the benefits of long term health care. She is very thorough and explains everything so that one can understand clearly.”
Virginia Stuckert

“Karen presented the information clearly and precisely. She was very friendly and kind.

She made the whole process very painless, actually quite enjoyable! We really loved working with her and we won’t hesitate to call her with questions or concerns. She is very competent!””
Anne and Gary Boyea

“The choosing of long term care can be a very twisted and confusing road to walk down for the insurance naïve. Karen’s strength is her years of service and knowledge in this area. The quiet and reserved manner that she uses puts the potential customer at ease early on in the experience.  This behavior instills trust that this will be an experience in which the consumer can relax and absorb the information without fear. Karen will match the consumer to a product that will suit the needs as well as the financial concerns of the family. My wife and I highly recommend that future clients use Karen Rosenthal for their long term care insurance broker.”
Robert and Sandy Grueber

“I appreciated how you kept looking to find a policy that really met our needs. Like how you kept our best interests in mind – that really came through in your actions.”
Jean Berise

“Through several personal contacts, Karen educated us on the best plans, thoroughly answered all our questions and made final recommendations for the right plan to fit our decision, unlike many others in the industry.”
Barry and Susan Burke

“You did a good job. I will tell that to anyone who asks me. Thank you very much for helping us.”
Walter Ismael

“We spoke to and received quotes from a couple of LTC agents but felt very comfortable with Karen. She felt like an old and trusted friend. Our indecisiveness did not make Karen’s job easy, but she was extremely patient and helped us work out our concerns to a satisfactory conclusion. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
Joyce and Doug Evenden

“You were very professional as you presented your LTC product with great understanding of what you were offering. Thank you and I see no need change things at this time (during 30-Day Free Look).”
James S. Faris, DDS  

“Karen was pleasant to work with and straight forward and direct. She broke things down into steps so I knew exactly what I had to do from my end.”
Mary Tucker

“We appreciated your patience and expertise as we pondered long term care. You were respectful of our questions, taking time with us to gain a full understanding of our concerns. You were fully prepared for each meeting, never wasting time looking for material.”
Linda and Stan Poe

“Very knowledgeable in her line of work, very personable, I understand the policy very well. Job well done.”
Dr. Gabriel De Guia

“Thank you, Karen, for helping us “unconfuse” the confusing information about long-term care insurance. You simplified the information and helped us understand the process. Thanks for getting us set up for our future. We appreciate the time you spent with us. It was a real pleasure working with you. You are professional, courteous and thorough. Thank you!”
Kathleen and Joseph Gillespie  

“For many years I was concerned about long term care insurance, I questioned the need. I worried about eligibility. I pondered the cost. I made a few inquiries. My concerns and worries began to leave me soon after my first telephone conversation with Karen and they were completely gone by the last. Karen’s approach and ability to convey information in a knowledgeable and warm manner was outstanding.”
Ethelrine Shaw-Nickerson 

“We are both very pleased with the ongoing services that Karen provided to us in learning about and selecting a long-term care insurance policy. Karen was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. She made a concerted effort to consider our needs while selling this important product. Further, she was consistently friendly and patient. We would highly recommend her to others.”
Dr. Gregg and Winnie Tracy 

“Karen – you were very helpful – you were patient with my questions and tried to find the best fit for me. You fit your schedule to mine and spent as much time as necessary to meet my needs. Thanks.”
Joyce Hensler

“I feel Karen conducted herself in a very professional way. She was very thorough with her explanations of benefits and how the policy works. She also remained very accessible from beginning through delivery of the policy. My wife and I are glad we had the opportunity to work with Karen on our LTC.”
(12 years later, in call following service request):  "Thanks so very much for your assistance with what we had built up in our long-term care policies.  We appreciate your professionalism and assistance with us.  Hope everything is going well for you."  Marianne C. and Arnold S. Williger

“Karen, I thought you gave a clear, thorough explanation of my options. I appreciate your careful approach to detail and interest in serving my needs.”
Phyllis Mullins-Neal  

“I was impressed with Karen’s knowledge of the process of obtaining LTC and her recommendations for the proper plan for both my wife and me. She worked to find the right match of policy, needs and costs for us. . . . I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a LTC policy.”
Bob Hale  

“Karen has a thorough understanding of LTC insurance. She is able to guide her clients through the process of deciding the type and level of insurance that is appropriate. She is very professional.”
Richard R. Lenz  

“It was a pleasure working with you. I felt at ease taking with you from the beginning. The process was long, but then it is not a process one should rush. Thank you for taking time to be thorough.”
Robin Cooke

“Karen – Thank you for all of your help! You were most helpful in response to our questions and concerns and very professional in your approach with us!”
Anne and Charlie Tooley

“I have purchased a LTC policy from Prudential.  This was not something that I knew much about, or thought much about.  From the first contact by phone, Karen handled this sale with exceptional ability.  She asked for an opportunity to make a home visit, which I finally agreed to.  She called before time, let me know when she would arrive, and did that for all 3 visits.  She handled my objections and questions very well.  In all regards Karen is very professional.  She knows her product and is very comfortable in providing answers.  Suffice to say she is excellent.”
John F. Beckmeyer

“All meetings were informative and helped with the decision to purchase LTC.  I appreciate the “what to expect” on the phone interview. In retrospect, LTC a wise purchase; your presentation kept me from rejecting LTC “out of hand.”  You were always pleasant and enthusiastic.  (While me? obstinate, obtuse and not always pleasant.) I sincerely appreciate your effort – I think I’ll keep the policy (smiley face) " 
Colonel in Oxford (retired) 

“My experience of choosing LTC was a very pleasant one.  Karen’s knowledge of her product is great.  She is easy to talk to and took the time to answer every question I had.  It was a very good experience, and I feel I purchased the best insurance for my needs.”
Gerri Lefton

“Karen was most helpful in going over the long term care policy with me. She took extra time and answered any questions that I had.”
 Joyce A. Schmarr

 “Thorough, convincing, knowledgeable, well prepared, personal, concerned.  Thx! Well done!”
 Jeff Allen

“I really appreciate your interest and concern re: my present situation.  I really like being able to call you with any concerns, questions, or problems. You were/are very real, compassionate, and caring.  I felt you were very honest, and forthright.  Thank you so much.”
Mary (Mitzi) Marley

“Karen, you were very professional and knowledgeable and made a complicated process quite enjoyable. Thanks so much for everything!”
Stacey Yarger

“Karen, Thank you soooo much for your help and gentle guidance about a supplemental LTC policy.  Your vast knowledge and easily understandable explanations of the policy benefits and terminology were excellent.  I appreciated the unhurried time you gave to me and your patience as I decided what were my best options.  You cannot help but be successful with what you do.”
Delores J. Erby          

“Karen provided substantial information (hard copy); she provided comparison of prior LTC to (specific carrier) LTC; was proactive in all aspects of the process."  
W L Bush

“Karen was a pleasure to work with!  She was so thorough in her efforts and kept in touch with us frequently to update us on the progress of securing the policy.  We were completely informed about the topic of long term health care, thanks to Karen! It made making the choice to get coverage an easier and satisfying one.”
Jackie McCarren

“I did appreciate and benefit from your experience with the LTCI industry and policy features, and the time you spent with us in person navigating the process.”
David Sprauer

“Karen is very knowledgeable about LTC insurance, and she gave us some excellent literature to help explain this complex subject.  She led us through the maze of benefits and options, using simple examples to make it easily understood. We appreciated her unbiased expertise, which helped us select a low-risk policy that was affordable and tailored to our anticipated needs.  Karen also put forth extra effort to resolve problems and expedite the approval of our applications.  We recommend Karen to anyone who is considering the purchase of long term care insurance.”
Brent F. Beacher, Mary Beth Beacher

"Karen Rosenthal is a very knowledgeable Long-Term Care insurance advisor.  We had met with others before her and were just confused.  But even on our initial phone call with Karen, we could tell she had a lot more answers and ideas. She shopped the coverage to our budget. She explained everything thoroughly and answered many questions.  It was a pleasure to work with her."  
Martha Shipman                                                         

“You accomplished your goals as above (on feedback form), 100%! It was delightful working with you! I appreciated your ability to clarify everything for me as we made our way through the LTC application process.  The only tiny suggestion would pertain to me not knowing that you needed payment at the 1st juncture and even the last but I did come prepared.  (Wasn’t quite clear if I waited to pay after the 30-day review.) Not sure if a timeline would help for client (?) No problem.  :)
Cindy Browne

"Thank you so much for your time and personal attention.  You are not only incredibly competent and professional, but also a joy to work with.  We really appreciate your exploring and explaining the options with us.  Again, Karen, thanks for everything." 
Annie and Tom Bennett 

“Karen: You are extremely professional! I appreciate the time you took in educating Tom and I on LTC.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends.  It was a pleasure working with you.” 
Barb Eickmeyer 

“As the former president of CWA Local 4401 and as a retiree of Cincinnati Bell, I can professionally and personally attest and recommend that Karen is extremely knowledgeable and proficient in developing, presenting and explaining long term care insurance in a manner that is easy to understand and uses great care in assuring that any given policy is the best policy for each individual’s need.”
Stephen E. Brockman

"Selecting long term care insurance was a complicated decision, both financially and in terms of the many options available.  In addition, my past experience with insurance (health in particular, but not long term care) has been problematic.  Karen patiently answered all of my questions in detail researching them when necessary.  I have appreciated her thorough, kind approach throughout.  Thanks, Karen!"
Fran Hendrick 

"Karen, I thought you did an excellent job explaining LTC during our first meeting.  Having done some research ahead of time, I wanted to get through it quicker but that would have left Bridget at a disadvantage.  It was much better to have you go through the explanation more methodically.  You also did a superb job in explaining the policy options and I appreciate your candor on options that were not worth the expense.  I think your personal experiences at LTC as it related to you and your family were useful as well.  Thank you very much! 
Christopher Curtis and Bridget Nitkiewicz

"Karen is courteous, presentable, knowledgeable.  She is easy to communicate with, shows up for appointments ON TIME!" 
Mary Dobrozsi

"Karen - Doug and I were very impressed with your knowledgeable, timely, courteous service.  Thank you!  We have been trying to nail a plan down and were happy to find the right person to help us! We will recommend you highlyto any of our friends.  Stay well!  Many thanks again!"
Erin Davlin and Dr. Douglas Hancher 

"Thanks for all your help working through a rather unpleasant process.  We appreciate your staying in touch to keep us aware of where we were in the process.  It's good to know you're there to help answer our questions." 
Kathy Giordano

"Karen has extensive experience, both personal and professional, in the field of long-term care. This was extremely helfpul as she guided us through the process of obtaining our own insurance.  Karen provided extensive literature about the topic and was always happy to answer our questions, whether by phone or email.  We especially appreciated the comparison of several insurers which she drew up for us.  She made a confusing, and occasionally emotional, subject manageable and "do-able."  Thanks, Karen!"
Barb and Greg Garrett  

"Karen Rosenthal provided excellent support to my husband and me as we investigated various long-term care options.  I would highly recommend Ms. Rosenthal to anyone who is thinking of obtaining long-term care coverage." 
Kathryn (Kate) A. Jarvi 

"Karen - Your friendly and caring service was much appreciated and helped me to make a decision in favor of an LTC product that works for me.  I had been putting off moving forward with LTCI due to uncertainty.  You helped answer my questions, clear up confusion, and satisfy my care goals.  I have touted your services and will refer you with enthusiasm and confidence.  Thank you for your obvious dedication to your continued learning, work, and importantly your clients' satisfaction and well being." 
Anonymous (female client)

"It was a pleasure working with Karen Rosenthal, a consumate professional who provided excellent service and information on Long Term Care."  
Christine Mague 

"It was a pleasure working with Karen to address my long-term care needs.  After I asked her to review a policy I already had she provided valuable comments that resulted in changing my LTC plan to one with more advantageous features at a better cost value.  I am well pleased with the final result. Throughout this process she was professional and knowledgeable, yet was always readily willing to investigate and consult with her resources to assure accuracy in responding to questions and issues I would raise.  She would also point out important aspects I hadn't considered and did so in clear, understandable language.  Throughout she clearly demonstrated the perspective and insight of experience.  I would highly recommend her as an advocate for anyone wanting to discuss LTC planning." 
Joseph J. Vesper
"(Karen) kept it going well through several months of coparisons and evaluation."
D.E. Rosselot

 "Karen R. Rosenthal has been very thorough throughout!  We have been through many ups and downs in our almost year long decision making, at one point even considering giving up the whole idea.  Karen, though, was very steady and always prepared with very detailed answers to our many quesitons.  We were not an "easy case," but she had the analysis and numbers at the ready each time.  You are very lucky to have her: always organized and detail oriented!  It was a pleasure.  
Dr. Tsila B. Evers and Paul Evers  

"Our experience with Karen Rosenthal proved to be an extremely valuable use of our time.  Long term care decision making required us to find a reputable, patient and knowledgeable professional to assist us in defining our objectives en route to developing a long term care plan that was individually tailored to our needs.  Karen was understanding and exhibited absolutely no high pressure sales pressure during our deliberations.  We would recommend her services to anyone considering long term care." 
Sandy and Art Pizzano 

"Did a good job explaining the LTC concepts. Kept us informed during the application process.  Much more than a salesperson, more like an advocate.  Showed genuine interest in helping us find an appropriate plan.  Always provided full information and took adequate time to do so." 
Mark and Roxanne Sparling 

"It was a great experience working you, Karen.  Your expertise on LTC products and the details of each option was very helpful.  The attention that you gave me was wonderful.  I will certainly pass your name to friends that are interested in LTC." 
James "Britt" Sang

"We appreciate everything Karen did for us.  She was very helpful and knowledgeable.  Very professional and friendly!"
Lester and Sue Meyer

"Thank you for your clear explanation of all things LTCI.  I feel much more secure about the future." 
Lou Ann Downey 

"Karen directed us thru the LTC insurance maze quickly and thoroughly to a policy which was affordable for our budget and designed specifically for my family and me.  Karen exceeded our expectations because of her immense knowledge of the subject, her focus on understanding our unique situation and her professional work ethic to provide us with timely and appropriate options.  It was always a pleasure working with her."
Alan J. Knobbe / Laurie Knobbe

"We really liked the thorough detail explanations in easy to understand terms.  It was very convenient to meet at our house when we were availalbe.  We truly appreciate your attention to detail as well as reasonable response time with follow-up info or updates on status."
Yvonne Sayer

 "Karen, we appreciated the time and effort you put into helping us plan for the future!"
Lisa Bourgeois

"You are as good and thorough a rep for business as there is.  You are fabulous in what you do. I am impressed with your approach and thoroughness." 
Neal Jacobs

"Karen - the only thing I had a concern about was the professionalism of the nurse that the insurance company sent which I think you were going to address with them.  I thought you provided us with all the information we needed to make an informed decision and kept us apprised of the progress of the application.  You were a pleasure to work with.  No constructive feedback for you!" 
Susan Alberter

"Thanks Karen! We really appreciated the time you took to educate us on what exactly long-term care insurance was and wasn't.  We also liked that there was no "strong-arm" tactics and we felt no pressure. You thoroughly answered our questions and were very genuine.  Thank you!"
Nancy and Tim Cunningham

"Karen - thank you for working with us - especially being flexible with meeting times.  We appreciated how you helped us better understand the health/living care risks we'd likely be facing and what LTC product would provide a better level of protection.  There are many options facing seniors - it was nice having a clear explanation of LTC."
Stephen and Beth Hill

"Dear Karen, Darryl and I appreciate your style as a salesperson.  You understood our needs and did not try and sell us anything we did not need.  Thanks for finding us!"
Darryl and Sheilah Bashford

"Karen, You did a great job of explaining the various LTC options and advising us through the process in helping us select the best LTC policy.  You are very professional, knowledgeable, and we appreciated the time you took to completely answer our questions. Thank you!"
Kendall and Meg Draeger"

"Thank you very much, Karen.  You have been so helpful.  I appreciate your breath of knowledge, thoroughness, accuracy, timeliness, and honesty.  You were able to answer all my questions and help me sort out my options as I navigated the process of selecting a long term care insurance policy." 
Keith Whites

"Karen - You definitely achieved your objective with us! We could not have completed this process without your simplified explanations and your complete/thorough knowledge of the industry and process.  Importantly, your patience with our endless questions was saint-worthy!  Thank you!"
Vicki and Marty Koppenhafer

"You did a great job walking me through this process.  I really appreciated the email updates that kept me apprised of the application's status." 
Robert Schorman

"Thank you for your patience explaining the options and complexities to our understanding. LTC insurance is something we wanted and felt we needed, but it seemed complicated and scary.  You helped us navigate the process." 
Allison Haskins

"Excellent Gold Star Service!!! Answered all questions  Took the time to explain a very complex amount of material! Communicated via emails, letters, phone calls and texts and worked with my complicated schedule!!  Assisted with choosing best plan for me.  Would highly recommend to anyone!" 
Dr. Sharon Christie

"You made the entire process very easy and explained everything in simple-to-understand language."
Deborah Spangler

"Karen, you have been phenomenal!  Always professional, timely, informative, personable and so patient! We would never have made it through this process without your guidance.  You have a great sense of detail which makes the process easier to understand.  Most importantly, we appreciate how you have been our advocate genuinely doing your best on our behalf.  This work is truly your passion.  Thank you so much for everything!"
Valarie N. Price and Sterling T. Price     

"Karen, we found your service outstanding.  You kept the pace of the process at just the right speed for us.  We give you 5 out of 5 stars for your customer service." 
Jody P. Ballas

"It was a pleasure working with you.  No complaints or suggestions.  Thanks!"
Joan Spatz

"Karen helped us determine what our possible needs are/could be.  She did not just focus on sales.  Karen stayed in communication with us through the entire process giving us updates regularly."
Dr. Donald and Judith Clark  

"Thank you for helping me navigate this process in the easiest way possible."
Andrew Wuertz

"I appreciate your patience and detailed explanations.  I came into this process completely ignorant of the specifics of LTHC.  You took the time to educate me and walk me through the process."
Dr. Shannon Moore 

"Well done! Thank you! Some felt repetitive, but Iikely only because we had been through the same with a Mutual of Omaha rep already." 
Sue Sack   

"Very professional and kept the process moving.  Appreciated the experience and insights."
Larry Sack